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In just 15 years, esports has exploded. It’s very different to traditional sports, both in what’s possible and how it’s played. It also has its own betting market that is booming. The latest report forecasts that revenues to come in as a result of esports will be worth £1.14 billion by 2024.

CryptoBet is a fun and easy-to-use betting application with a focus on placing and winning bets on esports. Gives users the best odds in the market, a welcoming interface, and even offers cashback on their first deposit!

CryptoBet is for pro gamers and esports fans, offering true online competitions of one on one and two-on-two League of Legends, Fortnite and CS: GO matches. And with 50% faster withdrawals (maximum 30 hours) than the industry average, great deposits too. Now that’s what we call cryptocurrency!

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Live betting on your personalized picks is easy and hassle-free with CryptoBet, a better sportsbook! Numerous online casinos offer live betting, but not all of them have the trademarks of CryptoBet and their streamlined software designed specifically with bettors in mind. Live betting is a more convenient method than traditional pre-game betting, but things still aren’t up to speed on such a strong and well-known level.

Satoshi Nakamoto invented a vision of how the world would be without borders, without prerequisites, and without geographical limitations. Satoshi’s dream was realized through Ethereum and the first cryptocurrency ICO when Ether was released with zero prerequisites. On February 26th, 2018, in celebration of this occasion, CryptoBet made its debut after a successful ICO –- it is free to enter, very simple in design and easy on your eyes.

CryptoBet is closer to a monopoly sportsbook than being a sportsbook. The lack of competition makes betting fair and all the less stressful, which is why we believe crypto-enthusiasts should take advantage of CryptoBet’s offerings and sign up now to sign up!

A fun eSports betting site with a solid product and management. But don’t go getting all hyped up. They don’t end-toe-en crypto bettors and they’re number 13 out of 31 according to the sportsbook ratings and reviews on our website.

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